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Birthday on October and welcome dinner

View:     Time: 2022-10-30 10:35:52

Don't forget the gains and losses in your mind, and don't forget your love in your heart. May every day in the future be accompanied by you and you will definitely move forward. On October 26, 2022, KGI Company held a collective birthday party for the family members who were born in October. It was also a welcome dinner for the new KGI employees. After work in the afternoon, everyone gathered together in the restaurant on the fifth floor of the dormitory. With melodious and lyrical music, it is time to share the sweet birthday cake. At this exciting time of gathering together, everyone lights birthday candles, sings birthday songs and makes wishes! May the birthday stars be happy and happy all the year round. At the same time, the company has also prepared a gift box of grapefruit for everyone as a birthday gift. I hope you are also sweet in your life.

There are new employees joining in this birthday party. President King also knows one by one and sends his blessings. He hopes that everyone can make progress together. At the same time, the company is reforming. He hopes that more new blood will be added to KGI, and everyone will work together for a better tomorrow.

The holding of the monthly birthday party is not only an expression of the company's concern for employees, but also the company's recognition of employees. It plays a great role in improving employees' work enthusiasm, and is also an important form of company culture. King said: The birthday party once a month is to let you eat and drink well, say what you want to say, work happily and live seriously. Simple words, but contain deep love for employees.

A person will meet many people in his life, and it is a wonderful fate to meet and work together. Happy birthday to your family: Best wishes for the occasion. I wish the new family a happy life and a high career.