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  • Leisure vacation part 2

    2022-07-12Leisure vacation part 2

    From July 9 to 10, 2022, KGI company launched its annual employee leisure vacation tour. The destination of this activity is arranged in yapojiao, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The vast sea is really charming. Tolerance is the mind, the spirit and the soul of the sea.

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  • Mid Year feast

    2022-06-28Mid Year feast

    On the afternoon of June 25, 2022, the theme was: KGI mid year performance summary report, which was held in Huatai restaurant to fight against the epidemic and turn crisis into strategic development. KGI's employees, family members, supplier partners, relatives and friends gathered together. The guests and hosts enjoyed each other and ended with laughter. The whole banquet lasted 3 hours. During the meeting, applause broke out for several times and laughter broke out one after another. The

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  • Leisure vacation

    2022-06-21Leisure vacation

    From June 19 to 20, 2022, KGI company carried out the annual employee leisure vacation tour. The destination of this activity was arranged in Shuiyun jingshe Hot Spring Hotel, Xinfeng County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, with a beautiful hotel environment.

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  • Dragon Boat Festival

    2022-06-06Dragon Boat Festival

    It is also the Dragon Boat Festival of the year. The streets are filled with fragrant zongzi. Thick zongzi incense, long love. At the advent of the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to thank all employees for their hard work for the development of the company, KGI company distributed Dragon Boat Festival benefits to all employees on the afternoon of June 2, making employees deeply feel the care and warmth of the KGI family.At 17:00 p.m., the Dragon Boat Festival welfare was carried out in an orderl

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  • May 2022 employee birthday party + welcome banquet

    2022-05-27May 2022 employee birthday party + w...

    On the evening of May 26, 2022, KGI held a birthday + orientation party to celebrate the birthday of the family in May and also a orientation ceremony for the new partners who recently joined the KGI family.The birthday party with a full sense of ceremony begins first. Fresh fruit cakes are coming. In the wonderful background music, everyone sings birthday songs, makes wishes and blows candles together. The landlady distributes birthday gifts to the birthday stars. Smiling faces are the bes

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  • Physical examination in 2022

    2022-05-10Physical examination in 2022

    In order to ensure the health of the company's employees, stimulate their work enthusiasm, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, build a harmonious internal environment and enhance the health awareness and physical quality of employees, KGI company invited the health examination center of Dongguan Eighth People's hospital to come to our company for the fourth time on May 10, 2022 to conduct a physical examination for all employees, and all expenses incurred in the physical examination

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  • KGI the 8th supplier meeting

    2022-04-29KGI the 8th supplier meeting

    At 14:30 p.m. on April 28, 2022, a supplier meeting was held on the fourth floor. The meeting was presided over by the manager of the procurement department. The general manager of the company, the main heads of various departments and representative suppliers attended the meeting (because the epidemic requirements controlled the number of visitors).At the beginning of the conference, King delivered a speech: clarifying the purpose of holding this meeting. Then, manager Li of the quality departm

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  • Coordinate Measuring Machine

    2022-04-28Coordinate Measuring Machine

    KGI bought a new measuring instrument - Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM). The measuring principle is to use the probe to collide with the edge of the part, obtain the coordinate value of the position, and then subtract the radius of the probe to be the actual coordinate value of the part. Generally, the three axes of the measuring instrument are equipped with an optical ruler. When the measuring head contacts the part, it will send a signal to capture the target coordinate value, and then

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  • Birthday party from March to April 2022

    2022-04-21Birthday party from March to April 2...

    On April 20, 2022, a birthday party was held for the families whose birthdays were in March and April. Due to the epidemic, no birthday party was held in March. Although I'm sorry, during the epidemic, we must obey the arrangement of the government. The families whose birthdays were in two months held together. Although there were many people, it was better than lively.The delicious dinner and cake necessary for birthday are coming. Let's sing birthday songs, blow candles, receive birthd

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  • The International Women's Day

    2022-03-09The International Women's Day

    In this season of spring, when grass grows and birds fly, another "March 8th International Women's Day" comes. On March 8, 2022, KGI launched a series of welfare activities in order to let the goddesses have a happy and warm Festival and feel the KGI's care and love for female employees.In the morning, KGI prepared exquisite bouquets and delicious fruit platters (including Millennium fruit, strawberry and cherizi) for the goddesses. All the working goddesses had a share. They were h

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